project support

Holistic project work tools & practice

based on Dragon Dreaming

We support with the intensive and individual support of groups, projects and teams or individual idea holders in the development of their project.

Learn the process, structure and methods for a creative, innovative and organic team and project development.
Experience Dragon Dreaming in practice and implement your ideas with it.

Support when starting the project

Topics can be: forming a core team, finding the common vision and laying the foundation for organic growth and flexible stability of the team or organization


Building an appreciative work culture

Topics can be: Improving communication – (outside and inside) as well as conflict competence


Increased satisfaction and motivation

Through clarification of competencies and visions as well as strengthening of the common orientation


basic skills

Tools for decision making and conflict resolution


Overcome obstacles

Detect and resolve blockages in the course of the project


Mentoring and supervision of projects

If you want to learn participatory project work with Dragon Dreaming, the best way to do this is with your own project. We support the practical training path.


It is important to us not only to support a euphoric project start, but to achieve a successful course for a sustainable project.

Therefore, project support usually includes 3 to 6 meetings, which we conduct in the form of workshops and coaching, as well as additional coaching via Skype.

After a detailed preliminary discussion and in close consultation, we develop a concept for your project and help to implement it.

If you want to learn more, just contact me.

gives space to humanity


Events that show how we can say goodbye together and enter a new phase, develop and implement ideas, and overcome conflicts.


Knowledge of natural processes, structures, tools and routines that help to effectively develop and integrate human skills.


Designing environments that strengthen the organism of groups, teams and organizations and make them livelier, more human and more resilient.


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