Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming

describes a process that supports to realize together with other projects and ideas. Your own values ​​and visions of life and work become visible and live.
The structure – the wheel, the cycle – supported by Dragon Dreaming to recognize and consider everyone’s needs.
The project cycle follows natural processes of arising (winter-spring), being (summer) and change (autumn-winter).
Projects develop into a living and learning system.
The method shows how it is possible to build a team based on mutual trust and support.
Teams, groups, organizations learn to use “dreams” and “dragons” (resistances and conflicts) for project design and come to completely new results in creative ways.

Successful, sustainable projects are created in an organic and playful way, through which everyone involved identifies with the project, can effectively bring in their different qualities and needs, and successfully implement the idea.

In contrast to conventional project management

Dragon Dreaming is a playful and effective method that combines all aspects of project development in a fascinating and holistic way.
Project development with Dragon Dreaming is based on the four phases: dreaming, planning, acting and celebrating.
Knowing and using these qualities helps teams and projects to design them holistically and to grow organically.

For whom?

  • For people with big and small dreams and ideas who are looking for methods and people to implement them.
  • For project managers who are looking for modern, creative and participatory methods.
  • Companies that want to build a new, holistic corporate culture that includes based on the knowledge and motivation of
  • those involved.
  • For groups who want to contribute to social change with their projects.
  • Individuals who want to learn how co-creation works, how diversity can be lived and how you can be successful without
  • giving up your own values.

Origin and values

The Dragon Dreaming method was developed by John Croft and his colleagues from the Gaia Foundation in Western Australia.

Dragon Dreaming combines indigenous knowledge and modern approaches to organizational development with the aim of creating successful organizations and projects that contribute to social change.

The focus is on the simultaneous and equal achievement of the following goals:

  • personal development, healing and empowerment
  • Strengthening community
  • Commitment to the environment and the environment

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gives space to humanity


Events that show how we can say goodbye together and enter a new phase, develop and implement ideas, and overcome conflicts.


Knowledge of natural processes, structures, tools and routines that help to effectively develop and integrate human skills.


Designing environments that strengthen the organism of groups, teams and organizations and make them livelier, more human and more resilient.


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