Emotion Culture

Skills for times when a reorganization is pending

In our coaching, process support, seminars and further training, we create trust in and knowledge of natural cycles such as emergence and decay, chaos and order, farewell and a new beginning.
We show that it is worth not avoiding crises, conflicts and grief, but to discover in them the energy and direction for the next step.
And last but not least, we consistently promote a resource-saving, social and appreciative way of life and work.

Growing with people

We create spaces,   together with proven methods
initiate an evolution as an individual, team or organization.

The impulse for this comes from people themselves, who begin to bring in their needs, ideas and their conscious and unconscious knowledge.

All of our offers focus on the individual, personal development, interaction,   the group, cooperation and working together in the world on an equal footing.

Skills such as: 

  • Team, visions & creative problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility and learning skills
  • Implementation skills, communication skills
  • Mindfulness and empathy

Emotion culture stands for

… an authentic, mature relationship culture in your team, your group or organizations

…. Commitment and focus through the conscious engagement with needs, dreams, conflicts and emotions.

… the ability to act rationally and emotionally and thus to be effective.

… the art and willingness to work passionately and effectively for your plans, tasks, obligations and teammates.

Creative methods and designs that promote the community and help to recognize new ways and actually go.

The ingredients of emotion culture are:
Vision – emotion – communication – community – game – dream and energy.

gives space to humanity


Events that show how we can say goodbye together and enter a new phase, develop and implement ideas, and overcome conflicts.


Knowledge of natural processes, structures, tools and routines that help to effectively develop and integrate human skills.


Designing environments that strengthen the organism of groups, teams and organizations and make them livelier, more human and more resilient.


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