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As an emotional culture, we work with unique people, with change makers, with pioneers, with visionaries, with imaginative and emotional people We work with and especially for those who want to bring more humanity into their teams and organizations, companies and teams.

Our customers are groups and organizations that are looking for healthy work relationships. We like to work with people who are self-determined and active, take responsibility … and leave traces.
The people we work with move with the times and with the changes and challenges.
The people we work with move with the times and with the changes and challenges.

Organizations and companies

looking for ways how u. a. can deal with the following challenges: 

  • How can we find a common vision, a common direction that is shared by everyone involved and can also be implemented?
  • How can communication and cooperation be improved and how does an appreciative work culture develop?
  • How can the great ideals, values and intentions actually be implemented?
  • How is it possible to reposition and organize more hierarchically?
  • How can more self-organization succeed?
  • A project, an era is coming to an end, how can one best shape the transition to the new?
  • A project, an era  is coming to an end, how can one best shape the transition to the new?  

Team are looking for our support because …

  • they want to clarify the roles in the team and use their skills more and cultivate an appreciative work culture
  • the energy and motivation is low, the mood is bad and frustration, resignation and distrust have spread
  • Conflicts and tensions make cooperation difficult and they look for a good solution
  • they need guidance to find out where they stand as a team

Groups and communities work with us because they are

  • are in the start-up phase of a project and need support in building the core team and sorting the first steps
  • Want to solve conflicts in the team
  • want to create a creative project plan that is understandable for everyone 
  • wonder why groups and teams fluctuate so much and how and whether that can be changed
  • want to shape the farewell of an era, a project or a person together

in coaching

my clients usually come with the following concerns and questions

  • What is my dream, my calling, how do I recognize it and how can I translate it into concrete action? 
  • How do I really do what is close to my heart, does it have any potential at all or is it just an idea … and where do I start? 
  • How can I live my grief without being overwhelmed? 
  • Where am I in my grieving process? 
  • How can we organize the farewell in our own way, creatively and in our own rhythm? 

You will very likely appreciate our cooperation if you also consider the following important:

  • Personal development and development as a community / team
  • Sustainability and responsibility
  • Process orientation and structure
  • Get active and take responsibility

If emotion culture is the right partner for you,

or you have any questions

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