The era of emotions has begun

Practise being human

Arguing, feeling, dreaming together

Strengthen the immune system of teams and organizations

We are not machines

Unfortunately, we use our human potential little and so that what makes us human remains undeveloped: intuition, imagination, creativity, emotionality, empathy and our ability to create something together.

New things usually come to light through conflicts. Then you need above all competence to see them, to explore them and to draw conclusions that lead to deeds.
Action arises from clear decisions. And health and satisfaction are the result of inner coherence and good cooperation.

But where are these human skills developed?

Emotion culture creates spaces that, together with tried and tested methods, trigger evolution as an individual, team or organization.
All of our offers focus on the individual, personal development, interaction, group, togetherness and working together in the world on an equal footing.

What we can offer you

Coaching / advice

Coaching means to have space, to see, to hear and to be supported, to develop your own wisdom, your own path and to follow it. Individual support in Vienna and via Skype.

Workshops / Trainings

Learn tools and methods from our subject areas. Check our calendar or ask us. We would also be happy to work out your own workshop design with you.

Facilitation / process support

We work on your topics and your questions such as accompanying change processes, clarifying visions or conflicts, team or strategy development.


We accompany groups, teams, projects or organizations over a period of at least three months in their further development and in the development and achievement of their projects.

gives space to humanity


Events that show how we can say goodbye together and enter a new phase, develop and implement ideas, and overcome conflicts.


Knowledge of natural processes, structures, tools and routines that help to effectively develop and integrate human skills.


Designing environments that strengthen the organism of groups, teams and organizations and make them livelier, more human and more resilient.

Our offers

Grief in community

A book on the culture of sharing emotions

Dragon Dreaming

Creative methods and toolbox for innovative and involving projects

project support

Team and project support: vision and strategy development, conflict resolution

in your hands

Designing shared goodbyes and transitions

Ideas Lab

Innovation workshop for passionate self-employed


Our innovative regional cooperative

hosting tears


Recreational time for women; vacation, and carrying on projects

Holistic project management

Tools and methods for an all-round, organic and organizations development

Inrego Red

The female path into economy, business and entrepreneurship


Just simply tell us about your dreams and projects

Deep Change Workshop

Year training in Dragon Dreaming, peaceful and effective communication, Permaculture and process work

We work for and with organizations which face their problems, challenges and conflicts and which also want to learn and grow together. We are engaging ourselves for a culture where people are awake, open, creative and efficient, but also see themselves as parts of a much larger and complicated picture.

Just ask